SACK it - WOOFit Midnight Black


Stor lyd

You will not believe your own ears the first time you listen to WOOFit! All that sound coming from such a small speaker? Yes, WOOFit receives top rankings as best in test. WOOF, WOOF, WOOF!

Bluetooth Musik Modtager

Connect WOOFit to your pricey Hi-Fi system as a Bluetooth receiver and revive it with access to all the music available online. Clever!


No strings attached! WOOFit plays wireless music from all your units via Bluetooth.


Naturally, WOOFit is rechargeable so you can take it anywhere – to the bathroom, the bed, the boat or Barcelona. Let it rip for three hours for each charge.


Sometimes it is nice just to listen to the radio. WOOFit has a built-in FM radio and an aerial is included for better signal. A small radio with a great sound!


Yes, WOOFit does give out a great sound, but you can actually also use it as a microphone. Connect WOOFit to your phone via Bluetooth and use it for being on the phone hands free in your car.


No strings attached! WOOFit JAM plays wireless music from all units via Bluetooth.

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